Screening Wall / Trash Enclosure

All new and replacement screening wall/trash enclosure construction requires a fence and screening wall permit.

A screening wall/trash enclosure must be constructed from materials and construction methods specifically designed or manufactured for screening wall/trash enclosure construction. A screening wall/trash enclosure cannot impede or alter lot drainage. A screening wall/trash enclosure in the front yard or side yard adjacent to a street cannot impede visibility.

Submittal Requirements: (See fence and screening wall permit application for details)

  • Fence & Screening Wall Permit Application
  • Construction plans
  • Plot plan (showing the property, location of buildings, and location of proposed screening walls/trash enclosures)
  • Permit fee: $50 for new screening walls/trash enclosures; 0$ for replacement screening walls/trash enclosures with no additional panels/lengths or changes in screening wall/trash enclosure location. If submitted as part of a new subdivision construction, there is no fee for a screening wall permit.
Submittal Method: Fence and screening wall permit application and payment must be submitted in person by contractor.